Well Test Application


Simark Controls SCADASuite Well Test application works with Schneider Electric's Realflo gas and liquids flow computer to simplify well testing . Key features include:


  • Support for up to three 3-phase separators.

  • Store up to 32 unique gas compositions.

  • Store up to 32 unique liquid product types.

  • Create up to 32 Well Tests using a combination of the gas compositions and liquid product types.

  • The ability to accept or reject a test.

  • Independent purge volume for each run in a test.

  • Independent control of each test, including starting, stopping, accepting and rejecting tests.

  • Built on top of the Realflo measurement engine, which is API ¬†compliant. The Well Test Application does not do any measurement calculations, it simply configures the core Realflo measurement engine as required and presents the data generated by Realflo.

  • Easy integration with the SCADASuite Datalogs application.

  • Detailed diagnostic logging.

Latest release version 1.010